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Tackle Hire

We now offer a tackle hire service to those who are going salt water fly fishing in foreign climes and either require a back up rod or can't warrant paying upwards of £1000 for an outfit for their trip.

We have the following tried and tested outfits. We use these ourselves!

8 Weight:
Bloke bass Special 8-9 weight fitted with a Vosseler S1 reel. Backing is 300 yards of Western Filament Tuf Line XP in 30lbs BS. We can fit a tropical line for you if required and this line will be your's to keep at the end of the trip.

10 weight
Bloke's magnificent SLP (Superior Lifting Power) rod fitted with a Vosseler S2 reel and 300 yards of Western Filament Tuf Line XP 50lb BS. You can choose either a Cortland 555 Tropic Ghost tip line or an Orvis tarpon Floatibg line.

We can also Supply Sun hats, Stripping gloves, William Joseph or Clear Creek Flats wading packs and Fly boxes for use for the duration of your trip.

Hire costs between £150 and £200 per rod per week depending on how much you need to hire.

Please call us on 01765 640029 or email us to discuss your trip. we can advise you on most subjects.

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Carl Hutchinson


Carl Hutchinson is a qualified instructor with AAPGAI, The EFFA and FFFUSA and runs saltwater fly fishing Mullet with He is a member of the board of the British fly Casting Club and has fished extensively in many saltwater locations and specialises in saltwater fly fishing for Salmon in Canada.




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