Saltwater Fly Fishing In The United Kingdom

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The day was hot and the sun was high in the sky as we began to wade the warm waters,Moving quietly waist deep through the channels and cuts of the southeast coast of jersey in search of more moving water to fish come the small hours of darkness,As we swung the flies through the fast flowing water where a crease had formed, We saw a guide with his two clients hot on his heels, hurrying down across the rocks splashing through the channels so fast on there way to his know fishing mark that they had ran straight past what i consider to be some fantastic pieces of water!, wether he knew this or not it just plain suprised me, And then when he walked them through a lovely little creek flowing into the channel it brought a smile to my face because it reminded me of a time long ago when i'd read about these creeks being great places to find fish,so stumbling across one of these little creeks on my way to fish the karama one night i stopped and starred into the darkness focusing on the creeks exit into the channel,waiting for the slightest little swirl,listening to every noise,the seconds turned to minutes and still i stood starring......... nothing,thinking to myself not so good after all and deciding to carry on with my journey i took one step foward into the creek, out shot two bass close on double figures,I just couldn't belive what i'd seen, They had been lying in only 6-8 inches of water waiting patiently for the bait to eventally come out as the creek emptied,i've learn't through these experiences that you should never overlook these little gems we call creeks because you never know what magic lies beneath.

This type of water is best fished on the ebb and is very challenging requiring stealth and accurate casts so as not to spook the fish lying in such shallow water,There are several ways to fish this type of water,You can try and take the fish from the creek itself if they are up inside away from the exit, Use a floating line/fly, cast short and feed line to the fly,remember you are trying to reassemble a struggling bait fish/prawn.The other is for fish waiting just outside the exit of the creek,cast downstream at an oblique angle swinging your flies in from the faster water of the main channel to meet up with the front edge of the creek exit,keeping in constant touch with the fly,As it swings directly downcurrant bring your rod across you so it will bring your flies into the flowing water coming out of the creek where you can then retrieve very slooowy,only extend each cast by 4-6 inches,if you cast to far behind the fish you will spook them as your fly comes past them from behind when you strip the fly back towards you.


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