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Saltwater Guides UK & International

The main reason why you might want to employ a guide is firstly safety, a lot of the areas we access have an element of risk about them, Bass as you know seem to get to those areas where there is a rip or undercurrent and if you're being introduced to the sport, there's nothing worse than needing to worry about where you are or maybe how long you have in an area before the tide changes or the foreshore begins to cut you off - a guide should have local knowledge and allow you to manage your time effectively fishing whilst he manages the safety aspect of where you are - this combined with trying to maximise your time spent catching fish should ensure a safe and enjoyable day - time is precious to all of us and especially those who love fly fishing but don't have the time to recce areas well enough to ensure a productive day - a good guide therefore :

1. Looks after your safety

2. Puts you in contact with Fish

3. Introduces you to the right equipment / educates

4. Builds confidence and knowledge which can be transferred to a customers local area

UK and Ireland Saltwater Guides

UK Guide Justin Anwyl is located on the central South coast of England . With miles of wadable flats and more sunshine hours than any other county , just pick up a 9 wt , LA reel , add salt and you've got the best ingredients for fly-fishing for Bass so come down the beach and have a go - you've got to be in it to win it ! .

Visit our new website for SWFF in Belize, is dedicated to creating the best International SWFF holiday of your life . In association with Fenton Robinson Sporting Travel you can now fish for Bones , Tarpon and Permit in our exclusive lodge at Robert's Grove in Belize - go on , Live your Dreams

We are based in North Wales and offer the complete Fishing Trip. We will if required Book your Hotel or B&B also supply all tackle you require for a small refundable deposit. Only parties of four or less can be catered for. Further info can be found on our web site at -
Bass By Fly All our clients have to do is catch the fish, we do the rest.


South West Kerry has arguably the best bass fishing in Europe. Thanks to the Irish conservation laws the bass is protected. Even the rod and line angler cannot sell his catch, and many anglers release almost all of these special fish that they catch. Because these and other fish are plentiful the fly rod does have its place in saltwater angling.
John Quinlan runs guided fly fishing trips for bass throughout the summer and autumn. He can also put you up in the comfortable B&B he runs with his wife Lynne.

International Guides


Whether it's sight casting to striped bass in gin clear water, or throwing large herring style flies to big stripers in the rips or stalking the ultimate prize, the mighty bluefin tuna, we can help you have a trip that you will be sure to remember.
Fin Addiction Charters Some very large bass travel the flats in broad daylight and can be found in 2' of water or less! There is nothing more exciting than seeing a trophy striped bass stop dead in its tracks to inhale a fly.

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