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Sparkle Glister Shrimp.

This is a very effective shrimp pattern that only takes minutes to tie, lasts well and catches a LOT of fish. Best colours are Pink, Rust and White, but you can go crazy and make up many different mixes of Veniards Glister Sparkle.

What you'll need.

  • Thread 6/0 or similar to match colour of shirmp.
  • Polar bear or similar hair for feelers.
  • Mallard feathers for secondary feelers.
  • Veniards Glister sparkle Dubbing in various colours
  • Dumbell eyes.
  • Nail Varnish
  • Mustad 34007 hooks in size 6 and 4.
  • Dubbing whirler


Step 1

Start the Thread on the hook and work down the to the hook bend above the barb.

Step 2

Tie in a small tuft of Polar Bear hair or similar, to match, or even contrast the fly. Trim


Over that, tie in a Few mallard fibres and trim.

Step 4

Place your gold dumbells up against the trimmed ends and tie on with figure of eight wraps. Finish with horizontal wraps between hook and eyes to tighen everything down. The eyes should be above the hook point and on top of the hook to make it swim upside down.

Step 5

Take the thread in the left hand (presuming you'reright handed) and make a 6-8 inch loop in front of the eyes. Tie in the loop with the thread. Hook your dubbing twirler into the loop.

Step 6

Take a *small* pinch of Veniards Glister Sparkel and place in between the loop of line. A little goes a long way.

Step 7

Hold the thread just above the dubbing twirler and start twirling. When you've built up enough turns, let go with the fingers so the turns shoot up the loop trapping the Glister Spakle. Add more turns as required to produce the effect above. Don't do too many turns or you'll have too tight a dubbing loop.

Step 8

Wind the thread back to the eye. Make two turns of dubbing loop in front of the eyes and then go around the dumbels with a figure of eight on each side.(so two turns go over the top of the dumbells). Continue winding the dubbing loop creating a tapered budy. You can go over the dubbing already laid on the hook to produce this. Tie in the loop when you reach the eye. Tie off the fly.

Step 9

add a small spot of varnish to the thread. Take your dubbing picker (a bodkin or velcro also works) and tease out some fibres to make the fly scraggly.

Step 10

And there you have it! Shrimpier than Shipman's Shrimp Paste!

Happy tying and if you have any problems, We're in the Forum
Tight loops.


Carl Hutchinson


Carl Hutchinson is a qualified instructor with the EFFA and FFFUSA and runs saltwater fly fishing Mullet with He is a member of the 55 yard club and current Roxtons International Saltwater Fly Casting Champion and has fished extensively in many saltwater locations and specialises in saltwater fly fishing for Salmon in Canada.





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