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Epoxy Minnow.

Do not be intimidated by the name of this fly as there are several ways of tying this pattern and NOT use epoxy.

This pattern was primarily a pattern used in the North Eastern US as a small baitfish imitation and was and continues to be an exceptional pattern to represent "Sand Eels". It is now used as a small baitfish/minnow imitation in numerous locations around the world.

The original was tied using buck tail as the primary material with the belly of the fly some sort of Mylar or similar material that over wrapped the belly of the fly. The fly was then coated with epoxy, placed on the drying turner and allowed to dry.

With all of the newer materials on the market, some of them are replacing the buck tail or are mixed with the buck tail to give added realism to the pattern. One of the better materials, in my opinion, is the new DNA fibers such as the Powder Fish Fiber, Frosty Fish Fiber, Holo Chromosome Flash and Holo Fusion. This can be used individually, mixed with other materials or mixed together.

I generally tie the pattern with 6/0 white thread as it tends to disappear when coated. A red band is placed directly behind the head to simulate gills and the eyes are either painted or stick on eyes are used and then coated with the Hard Head Fly Finish.

The pattern is generally tied in sizes 1 to 8 and I prefer a long shank hook such as the Mustad 34011.

In lieu of using epoxy, I have started using the Loon Hard Head Fly Finish and have had great results. I generally use the clear but have started using the white pearl as the base coat and then adding a second coat of the clear.

If you use the Loon Hard Head Fly Finish, you will need to add two coats, if you do not want to place the fly on a turner or you can add one thick coat and place the fly on a turner just like with an epoxy coating.

This pattern can represent just about any small baitfish/minnow, depending on the coloration and size.

For the US, here are some of the better color combinations:

All black
All Chartreuse
All white with silver flash
All white with gold flash
Olive over white
Various shades of green over white
Various shades of blue over white
Olive over tan
Chartreuse over white
Tan over white
Pink over white

The above are general colorations and by adding more colors with either natural or synthetic materials, a more natural imitation can be achieved.

The style of tying this pattern does not limit itself to just the "Salt" but warm and cold water tying as well.

Give this pattern a try in whatever area you fish and see what happens.

If you would like to see the step by step instructions for this pattern, follow this link:

Epoxy Minnow.

Epoxy Minnow

Joe Branham        

Joe Branham

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