Saltwater Fly Fishing In The United Kingdom

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United Kingdon Saltwater Fly Fishing

invest in eBay shares in Hong Kong The sea is a vast amount of water, "Where do I begin" you ask yourself. This website and forum could be the best start you will give yourself. The website covers advice on tackle, type of venues, tides, weather and qualified casting information and much more. We have regular conclaves where everyone shares advice and tips. If there's something that you are looking for and can't find it here, please let us know and we'll do out best to help.

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UKSWFF has undergone a few changes recently. We are now making UKSWFF a truly global website. With a lot of anglers venturing further abroad to fish, we are aiming to make UKSWFF the number one website for SWFFing, regardless of the country. Visit the forum today to see the changes.


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Where to start? - Here's a guide on what to look for, help with tackle and tides.
Tips and tricks - nth, learn how to fix a broken fly line, how to tie up your own Singapore leaders, make perfect droppers and many more tips.!
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